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Sep. 2nd, 2003 @ 10:00 am Breakfast in bed
Current Mood: antsy
Spock just went out to the mess hall to get us some food provisions, as he knows well I distaste those provision shakes. Sure they serve their purpose (great way to get food in the middle of Pon Farr when you need to keep the body fed fast because the break times are small), but one can have so much more fun with chocolate syrup. Yes, I know - it's weird - Spock and a kink... but it actually makes sense, the sugar does serve its purpose some time.

Even though I don't walk in Spock's shoes, I can already feel the mental noise through the link he'd build with my mind the last time he was full into Pon Farr. It's like ... damn I'm not good in these things ... oh, yeah... like the tide coming back.
Smiling McCoy