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Sep. 11th, 2003 @ 07:08 pm SpockHunting...
Current Mood: husbandhunting
Hell, there's no other way to call it.

I know Spock's ill, somehow this bonding made me aware of it more easily than before. Of course just being in our quarters the whole day and fucking like bunnies might have made it easier for me to see it too. Anyway, as Spock was sleeping soundly - I didn't really know he snored when he's totally relaxed - I went to see doctorphlox, to ask for access to the ship's database.

doctorphlox is a nice guy and the historical records really don't do him justice. We talked shop for a while, and he let me research a few possible ideas I had concerning what was going on with him. Unfortunately, none could explain it. Even my colleague himself didn't know what might be the cause. (Yes, I know, Spock won't like my discussing his physical health with another person, but Phlox is a colleague for crissake.)


As I returned to our quarters, Spock was nowhere to find. I don't know the ship well enough, so I'm gonna ask that nice armoury lieutenant... what was his name... oh yeah - Reed, to help me find Spock. And I'm gonna search the ship myself with a fine toothcomb.
Serious McCoy